8935 South Old State Road
Lewis Center Ohio 43035
* Dishes are Hot & Spicy
501.Shrimp Vegetable: $11.95
           Jumbo Shrimp cooked with assorted vegatable in brown sauce.
(steam ia availble upon request)
502. Cashew Shrimp: $11.95
            Jumbo shrimp cooked with cashew nuts, celery, carrot
and water chestnuts in brown sauce.
503. *Garlic Shrimp: $11.95
           HOT! Shrimp cooked with green pepper, mushroom, bamboo
and water chestnuts in garlic sauce.
504. *Hunan Shrimp: $11.95
        HOT! shrimp cooked with broccoli, straw mushrooms,
baby corn in spicy hunan sauce.
505. Sweet & Sour Shrimp: $11.95
         Fried bread shrimp  green pepper, onion and carrot
serve with sweet and sour sauce.
506. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce: $11.95
            Jumbo Shrimp cooked with egg, mushroom, and pea and carrot
in special lobster sauce.
507. *Kung Pao Shrimp: $11.95
        HOT! Jumbo shrimp cooked with peanuts, water chestnuts,
carrot and celery in spicy sauce.
508. Shrimp Broccoli: $11.95
         Jumbo shrimp cooked with broccoli and carrot
in brown sauce.
509. *Szechuan Shrimp: $11.95
            HOT! Jumbo shrimp cooked with carrot, onion, water chestnuts,
mushroom, bamboo,  and green pepper in a spicy sauce.
510. Shrimp Peapods: $11.95
           Jumbo shrimp cooked with fresh snow peas, onion and
water chestnuts in light white sauce.
511. *Curry Shrimp: $12.50
           HOT! Jumbo Shrimp cooked with coconut milkbroccoli, carrot,
onion and bamboo shoots in spicy thai sauce.
512. *Szechuan Scallop: $12.50
        HOT! Fresh scallops cooked with green pepper, carrot, bamboo
mushroom and water chestnut in spicy sauce.
513. *Thai Special Shrimp: $12.95
           HOT! Jumbo shrimp cooked with green beans, hot pepper, and
 green onion in special Thai sauce.
Selected entree cooked with Olive Oil or Gluten free Soy Sauce
Available as special request
Add additional :$1.50